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K-State Holds Weekly Football Press Conference


Press Release Kansas State University:

HeadCoach Bill Snyder
On Daniel Sams' playing time atTexas…
"Daniel will play this week. I thinkthat is quite obvious. It hasn't changed week in and week out. There arecertain things that you would like to be able to do, and you have a plan inplace, but that will be dictated by the University of Texas as much as anything.Any opponent has the ability to take away what they want to take away and forceyou to do some other things. So how we utilize each of the two quarterbacks isdepended on what the University of Texas does."

On starting conference play and defending the Big 12 title…
"Last year was last year, and the dynamics are so different every year.What you did in the past has no bearing on the future. It is still a game at atime, a snap at a time. I think our young guys are anxious to get started inconference play. I think, for me, hopefully for them, it enhances theirenthusiasm about improving their play as well. We have to be careful and do notget caught off on who you are playing. Instead, need to focus on ourselves. Wecontinue to try to improve and address correcting the mistakes that we havemade –  and there are a plethora of those that have to get corrected–  and we just have to keep working it. I hope that our players' focus isthere going into the ballgame."

On Texas changing their defensive scheme with a new coordinator…
"Every team recognizes what their strengths and weaknesses are. They arebrilliant people down there, and they understand that they will work on bybeing able to correct the problems that they have. That doesn't mean necessarilychanging what they do, but maybe executing better, but that is just speculationon my part. Greg (Robinson) is a very fine football coach. He had maybe not sogood experience at Michigan, but he was not running his defense. He was runningsomeone else's defense. I don't know if they will stay exclusively with whatthey have in place and try to utilize his capabilities to motivate theirplayers to work out the kinks or whether they will graduate into some changes.I'm sure there will be some changes, but I don't know exactly what they are.Last week –  just guess work on my part –  it was tough for Gregbecause he was not totally invested in all the terminology and what goes alongwith it, so that made it difficult for him to call the ballgame like he wouldliked to. I think that he has had this period of time, two weeks now, to investhimself in understanding all the terminology, and I think you will seeimprovement just because of that."

On the adversity facing Texas head coach Mack Brown…
"We spoke last week. I can't tell you what he is going through, but I cantell you that he is a very talented and quality leader and very good with youngpeople. His background and history speak for itself. I know when they don'thave the success that they want it is painful for him as it is for anybody. Hecares about his players, and he hurts for them as well. He has establishedhimself –  I don't think that anybody in their right mind doubts that. Mysense is that he just handles it with class and continues to do the things thathe knows are the right things to do. We have all been through it one time oranother, and he will work his way out of it. I don't have any doubt aboutthat."

On the emphasis of third-down defense going into the first conference androad game…
"There is a lot of time and effort investment in the preparation, and ithas been that way each and every week. Last week I think that we were not verygood in the first half defensively, but in the second half we did much betterdefensively on third down. In regard to the focus on third down, the emphasisin monumental. The teams that you line up and play against have something tosay to that as well. We have to get better at it, no doubt about that, and wehave to work on it to get better at it. We have to scheme better to get betterat it on both sides of the ball, not just defense. Our offense has to beeffective on third downs as well, and we have had some lapses there too."

On the challenges that K-State's defense faces with Texas' up-tempo offense…
"I think that, number one, is just getting yourself lined up then be ableto make adjustments when they have movement. Texas is playing a far greaterrate of speed than they ever have before. You go back and look at their springgame and they are snapping the ball at times during the spring game nine, 10,11 seconds between when the ball is blown dead to when they snap it. That isextremely fast. The fast teams don't even go that fast. They really have put agreat deal of emphasis in it and that, accompanied with the speed of theplayers that they have, is tough. If you can't get yourself lined up, speedwill beat you to death. We just have to be able to do a great job of being ableto get aligned, and then their line will step out and shift guys around, and wehave got to be able to make those quick adjustments to make sure that we don'tget out-numbered someplace. What takes place before the snap becomes very vitalto us."

Junior Offensive Lineman B.J. Finney
On opening up conference play on the road at Texas…
"Texas is a tough place to play. Obviously, two years ago we went downthere and did not have the best showing. Texas, though, they play hard. Theyare a good football team. They have great athletes and their crowd gets intothe game, so that makes it especially difficult to play."

On watching tape of the Texas defense against BYU…
"These guys are working hard just like we are. They are getting their bookscorrected just like we are. They have great athletes and they have a reallygood defensive coordinator, so I expect to have a really good opponent on thefield when we go down Saturday. These guys are working hard, they always do,and they have motivation. They are angry."

On things getting amped up with the start of conference play…
"Well we are always amped up when we start conference play –  italways means a little more. The thing that is nice is we get to wipe the slate–  it is a clean start. Every game gets a little more important from hereon out. Just trying to make strides to improve every day and make sure that theprogress is showing is what we are going for."

Senior Running Back Robert Rose
On his first touchdown of the season…
"It felt really good. It was a great feeling. Hopefully I can continue toget the same feeling, but we will see what happens."

On getting more touches and having a greater impact…
"Yes, I am pleased with what I have done. I feel like I can contribute more.There is that saying, ‘You are never as good as you think you are,' so I amjust continuing to get better. I don't have to get the ball. I am fine withblocking or catching or whatever the case may be. I just want to be utilized,that is all."

On the possibility of a greater role behind John Hubert in conference play…
"I think I have great assets that can help us win, so like I said before, Iwant those to be utilized. I just have to continue to put myself in a positionto where they could be."

Sophomore Quarterback Daniel Sams
On playing on a national stage…
"I tweeted about playing in front of 100,000-plus and that is the situationI thrive for –  to be in that type of environment. This is what we workedfor ever since camp and running those sprints. It is opening conference, sowhat gets better than that?"

On seeing tape of the BYU quarterback running against Texas…
"I get excited, but at the same time, Texas knows what we do as a team.They know we are running the quarterback run game, so I don't really get tooexcited –  not saying what BYU did was a fluke –  but I am sure theyare prepared more against what we do than what happened against BYU. Like Isaid, I am just ready for whatever comes. That stage itself and the spot thatme and my teammates are at right now, we just have to prove ourselves, and Icannot wait for that to happen."

Senior Defensive Back Kip Daily
On earning Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week…
"It felt good. It was a first for me, but I need to keep on working hardand try to get back to that level. I was excited about it, but I'm more excitedabout getting back to work."

On the attitude heading into Texas…
"I have been going on with the same attitude every week. I feel like everyweek is an important week. Especially going through conference now, we have toup our game. We are playing for keeps now. It doesn't really matter who weplay, it just matters how we play."

Junior Linebacker Jonathan Truman
On emotions heading into the first conference game…
"So far every game has been important. Now it is just time to start upconference play, and we are all excited to get it going."

On if the defense is where it needs to be…
"Our attitude is that we are never where we want to be. There is alwaysroom for improvement. Week to week, I think we have improved on things. I thinkwe still have a lot of things to improve on, but as for now, we are takingsteps in the right direction and improving as we go."

On improving third-down defense…
"Third down is a priority for us. Getting them to third down and thenhaving them convert is hard on us. We just need to finish strong in the seriesand finish on third downs and get off the field."

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