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Press Release Kansas State University: 


Head Coach Bill Snyder
On going to four straight bowl games…
"I'm pleased certainly for the youngsters in ourprogram and the people that work so hard and commit so much of their time,effort and emotions into this team. Certainly for the fan base, it is importantto them, and they like that. For so many, it is the vacation time. I think itis meaningful in that respect. As it relates to the rest of college footballitself, it is better than not having any other opportunity, for sure. I thinkit is a positive accomplishment for the young people in the program that havebeen here for however many years that we have been back."

On K-State's recent struggles in bowl games…
"If I had a genuinely accurate answer, you would not have to ask thequestion. So it is obvious that one of my many failings is that I do not havethe answer to that. It could be a multitude of things, and perhaps it is, ormaybe it something simple that I am overlooking. Number one, I think we haveplayed tremendously talented football teams. Sometimes, I think, just the depthsegment of it catches up with you, but that should be an accurate assessmentfor most teams, not just ourselves. The bottom line is I really do not know."

On if it would be positive to end the bowl losing streak…
"Well of course, but I do not think about it along those lines. I think ourplayers do. This is really important for them because they, in their tenurehere, have not been successful in the last game of the season or the bowl gamesthat they have participated in. I think it really is significant to them, thatis my guess. I am committed to trying to be successful in the ballgame just asI would be in any other game that we participate in. This one is no differentthan that."

On refocusing on team goals following the 2-4 start…
"I think the hardest part, as it relates to this present season, was to getthem to maybe get away from that and get focused on the things that allow themto get where they want to go. You have heard me say that so many times that Ireally am a strong believer that to get the pie in the sky, whatever that goalmay be, then all the things that allow me to climb the stairs to get there arenot on my mind. That was the hardest part, getting them to reinvest in whatthose goals and intrinsic values were that would allow us to get there. It wasnot about readjusting what their ultimate goals were. It was more on gettingthem invested in what our goals were and the stair-step process – what neededto take place in order to have a chance to obtain what they wanted to obtain."

On playing three of the conference's top teams so early in the season…
"I guess if I could go back and redo it – but that is hindsight andstrictly hindsight – I might want to alter it a little bit. But, everybody hasscheduling issues and nobody knows when they make out those schedules who isgoing to be what. As I have said, in this conference anybody can get anybody onany given day, and that is true. It pops up on somewhat regular basis in ourconference and in other conferences as well. Simple answer is, in hindsight, Iwould tweak it a little bit."

On the week following the end of the regular season and prior to bowlannouncements…
"I have my feelings about it, and I think other coaches have their feelingsabout it, as well as support staff and the players. I think everybody views itprobably a little bit differently. Coaches are gone to get out on the roadimmediately to recruit and give the players the opportunity to not practice thefirst four days of the week, get a little rest and focus a little morediligently on academics and the other things that are important to them. Myguess is, and I am thinking on my own feelings, that there is an empty feelingthere. When you are doing it, you would say you would pay dearly for an hour tojust do nothing, but now I can go home at a reasonable hour right now and yetthere is a feeling of emptiness. I think everybody is different in how theyview it."

On this upcoming weekend's schedule…
"Well this weekend, because we really do not know who the opponent will bein the bowl game, we will practice Friday and Saturday. We will have arecruiting weekend, so we will have eight or 10 young people here with theirfamilies on the campus over the weekend. We will juggle both our practice timeand our opportunities to spend time with those other families. The practiceswill be centered around just getting back fundamentally in terms of the thingsthat we do because we do not really have a firm grasp on who that opponent willbe. Since we have been on for five days or so, we do want to get back to stressthe fundamentals and the techniques of the game. That is where the focus willbe."

On the progression of Daniel Sams and Jake Waters offensively during theseason…
"I think it has been rather steady. Like anything else, there was a littlebit of up and downs over the course of the year. We had some issues withturnovers probably more than anything else, but I think they have progressedthroughout the course of the season. I think they have gotten better in termsof understanding what the offense is about, understanding the cooperativeaspect – what the other 10 guys are doing on the field both in the practiceenvironment and on the game field. I think they both developed in terms ofleadership and have become vastly more involved in that. So yes, they have madesignificant improvement. Both of them have."

On if they have ever practiced the Auburn-Alabama finish…
"I only saw the replay of it and not the actual thing. We practice it everyday. We practice a lot of things that never happen and players just look at melike, ‘Are you absolutely out of your mind?' As soon as we do our stretchingand start the practice, the very first thing we get into are field goals anddefending field goals. We have our one's hit from the left hash. The first isagainst a block and the second is against a cover and in the cover we have areturn man down at the other end and he reacts. They take two reps there andthen we go to the middle of the field and our number two's hit and cover. Wethen move to the right hash and the one's go again and kick against the rushand then they kick against the return and cover. We do that every day, but likeI said, we do a lot of things that they scratch their heads about."

Junior Defensive End Ryan Mueller
On not having practice for four or five days…
"Coach gave us a little time off, which has been nice, but we still havebeen working out with Coach (Chris) Dawson. He has been keeping us maintainedwhile we have not been practicing since we do not know who we will play yet. Ithas been nice to be able to focus and to be able to take care of some studiesand get ready for this bowl prep."

On finding out on Sunday who the team will face in a bowl game…
"It is certainly exciting not knowing. There is not a clear cut favorite –things could happen. I know that we will all be watching a lot of games thisweekend because that can have an impact on where we go and who we couldpotentially play. So it is very exciting, and I am looking forward to hearingthe results."

On where the improvement came from defensively after being 2-4…
"To choose a particular game would probably be a little bit difficult, butit was just a collective effort by the team and something that we were strivingfor. We were not happy starting out 2-4 and all of the guys on this team have,well for the most part, most of the guys on this team have been to a bowl gamebefore, and we don't know what it is like to sit at home during this time andrealize that the season is over. That is just something that we did not want tohappen, and I am glad that we pulled it together and finished the season on agood note and are bowl eligible."

Junior Linebacker Jonathan Truman
On having time off of practice…
"We are always on the go. When you have a few days to relax and focus onyour studies, it is nice."

On what the team is doing this week to prepare for the bowl game…
"We have some practices this weekend. We have had time off this week. Wedon't know who we are playing, we don't know where we are playing. We are stillgoing to take advantage of this time to look at ourselves and improveourselves."

On if there is any anticipation on finding out who K-State is playing…
"Yes, I would love to know as soon as I can. It is odd with this period oftime when you know you are playing a bowl game, but not who you are playingagainst. We know who we are playing next year already, but we do not who we areplaying in the bowl game."

On what the year was like starting 2-4 and going 5-1 in the second half…
"It was frustrating at first for everybody. It was a time of adversity thatreally tested us. I am proud of my team for turning it around, going 5-1 afterwe went 2-4. It was just important to us to get things corrected and to turnthe season around in a positive way."

On the level of desperation to win a bowl game…
"It is very high. Nobody on our team has won a bowl game, with theexception of the coaches. We need it. We want it really bad."

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