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K-State Announces 28 in 2014 Signing Class


Press Release Kansas State University:

Kansas State head coach BillSnyder released the Wildcats' 2014 recruiting class Wednesday with theannouncement of 28 student-athletes who plan on joining or have already joinedthe K-State football program.


The 2014 signing class ismade up of 18 players from the high school ranks, as well as ninecommunity-college players, while current Wildcat offensive lineman Will Ash hasbeen awarded a scholarship. Of the group, six are currently enrolled at K-Stateand will participate in April's spring practices, which culminate with thePurple/White Spring Game on April 26.

"As we all know by now, it will be two or three years before we can accuratelyassess the quality of this or any recruiting class. Hopefully we have assessedthe skills and intrinsic values of this year's class accurately, but time willtell. Including greyshirts from last year's class, we have six of thesestudent-athletes presently in classes and participating in our out-of-seasonworkouts. Each of them have demonstrated a commitment to becoming the bestperson, student and athlete possible.

"We are also very proud of the fact that 10 members of this class carry a 3.6or higher GPA, while the class extends through 12 states. Although it seldomidentifies the true quality of a given class, 13 of these student-athletes wereranked 44th or higher nationally at their positions, including five of them inthe top 10.

"As always, we greatly appreciate the high school and community collegecoaches, faculty members and administrators through the state of Kansas andacross the nation who have received our coaches and program so very graciously.I am especially proud of and thankful for the Kansas State faculty, dean ofstudents, director of finance, athletics support staff, athletics director andpresident for their assistance in conveying to these young men the greatsupport services, education and caring relationships provided by ourUniversity."

This year's class boasts 16 offensive players, while 12 reside on the defensiveside of the ball. The class is made up of eight offensive linemen, fivedefensive backs, four wide receivers, five linebackers and two defensivelinemen, while the Wildcats are bringing in one quarterback, running back,fullback and tight end.

K-State also signed three high school seniors from Blue Springs High School inthe Kansas City area, which is the most from one high school in a singlesigning class since 1999 when the Wildcats signed three from Mesquite North inMesquite, Texas (Josh Buhl, Bryan Hickman and Corey White).

As is the case in years past, the Wildcat coaching staff scoured the nation fortalent as Kansas State's class of 2014 is represented by 12 different states,including six from Missouri, five from Texas, four from Kansas, two fromCalifornia, Colorado, Georgia and Illinois, and one each from the states ofIndiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes
On the balance of junior college and high school players in this year'sclass…

"It is about right. I thinksometime you need two to find one, I guess. But I think every community collegeguy that we have we've got a firm and honest belief that they have a chance tocome in and compete immediately, to help this program. All of them, and theincoming freshmen, certainly have that ability to do that over a certain periodof time. With the community college guys, we are talking about the immediateneeds that we believe each one of them has the capacity to do that. As far asbalance is concerned, we normally do not usually take quite that many. We mightend up taking one more. I think the last time that we did that was way backwhen we had 12 in 1998 or 1997. It was because of the needs and it panned outpretty well. You never know until they get here and spend some time. Like Isay, it is going to take a year or two for the young guys to find out if theyfit into the program appropriately. I believe they will and I have thatconfidence in them."


On his perception of theclass as a whole…

"It is a good class but howit would rank, who knows? A bunch of those guys are ranked extremely high byESPN. I think I made note in the release that there were 13 guys who wereranked in their position in the top 44 in the country. Some of them high schooland some of them community college but you know me and that does not mean awhole lot to me. That does not mean that it will not be a great class or a goodclass. As I have said before, you have got to be here for a while. It is kindof like coaches, nobody knows whether a guy is going to do great or not untilhe spends some time in the job. You define yourself over a period of time andthat is what each recruiting class has to do. I may rank our class dead last inthe Big 12, too. I do not think it is but it will prove itself out. Whateverybody should be looking at are the recruiting classes of 2011. How did theypan out? Because that tells the true story, I think, more than these guys whoare untested at this level. That does not mean, whether it is here or anywhereelse, to upgrade these guys because we made the decision to bring these guysin. So it is our belief that they are quality young people and quality youngplayers. But the proof is in the pudding."


On running back DalvinWarmack and him reaching out to other recruits…

"He will make his way andprove himself. I think he will step in as a young man with tremendous intrinsicvalues all of the time. He is a guy who will do right and set the example. Hewill engage himself in leadership activities and I am confident that he will.All of the stuff that goes out and it is not just Twitter, but all of thedifferent avenues that young people have and utilize immensely, some of it forgood and some of it for not so good. I think there is a tremendous balancethere and guys have to learn how to handle that and I think he has done it theright way. As far as I know, he has said the right things and it is moreprevalent now and I think it does happen at virtually every school and everyclass has someone who is trying to promote others. Maybe not the entire class,but to promote others to come to that school. It is not brand new just becauseof social media. We have had young guys in the past, and have encouraged youngguys in the past to try to reach out to other guys and try to build thatrelationship before they even get there, which makes that incoming class closerand close together and that allows them to endear themselves to their coachesand their teammates. It is a great deal."


On having a large numberof commitments early in the process…

"You have heard me say thisbefore that the recruiting calendar so to speak is upside down. Young guys inthe 2016 class are making commitments now. The 2015 class has been makingcommitments for a year. It has just gone haywire in some aspects of it and I donot like it that way, personally, on some occasions, you have to keep with theJones' so to speak and in doing so, you extend some offers ahead of time. Youngguys have that option to make that decision and probably the reason that I donot like it so much is that I would hate to see us extend an offer to someonethat we did not really feel good about. Some people could say that we extendedan offer, got an acceptance, and then we get around this time of year, and wehad a chance at somebody else but we cannot take him because the scholarship isfilled up. That is not our issue. That is not my issue and that is why I havesuch a great sense of pride for and with those young guys who did make thosecommitments that early because they all stayed with it. Commitment is a major,major word. When you talk about getting married to your wife, you talk aboutcommitment and so it is taken seriously. It really is, in my way of thinking.Whether you want to call it old school or not, I think it is factual. It is amajor, significant word in our vocabulary and it really has meaning. So you putthese young guys in a position where they make that early commitment. So prettysoon, that way of thinking extends itself to making a commitment right now butI can still look around for that "other girlfriend." So we are encouraginginappropriate behavior when we do that. There are a lot of coaches that preferto have the rules as they are. I personally would like to see it go back to wherethere are more restrictions in regards to how quickly all that can take placeso we are not encouraging young guys to go back on their word because your wordis important and indeed we do. That is not what athletics is meant to beabout."


On signing three prospectsfrom the same high school and their abilities…

"I do not really know. Itmight have some impact on future young people coming out of that programtowards K-State. The fact that they have been a very, very successful programand that could be whether there was one or two or three of them. They bring aconfidence factor with them. They bring the experience of playing in andcompeting in and being a part of being leaders of a very successful program. Iwould just say collective because every single individual in this class issignificant and important to us. But I think all three of them, sitting downand visiting with them, they are all good students. They really have thoseintrinsic values in place and they are all really serious about the game offootball and being competitive. All three of them, if I did not say thisbefore, have that leadership capacity within them to be able to assist ourprogram in that way as well."


On Dalton Risner…

"I think he is a bright youngguy. He is a sizeable young man. He is athletic in relation to his size and theposition that he plays and he is a young guy with that value system in place.The fact that he put himself out there just allows you to understand that he isa competitive young guy and bright enough to understand that here are a lot ofways to shoe a horse and you do all of the things that you can do in order toachieve the success that you want to achieve. He is young guy who is verycapable of that. You still have to go back because you want that value systemand the desire to be a quality student but you still have to have thecapabilities to perform at this level and we certainly felt that he did."


On the recruitment ofTerrell Clinkscales…

"We did not do anything withTerrell that we would not do with anybody within the program. It is not thatyou do something differently with one young guy, in terms of how you arewilling to invest yourself. It is just a matter of what I would hope that everyyoung person who is in our program as well as every young person that we bringinto our program would understand is that we will do everything that weconceivably can, that is legal within the NCAA and the conference and in termsof moral values, to help that young person and his family. We want to involvethe family as well. That is just the way we approached it with everybody, notjust Terrell.

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